A New Baton Rouge

A New Baton Rouge

The location for The Water Campus was carefully selected, and its importance cannot be overstated. Visible to thousands of motorists who travel east on I-10, the iconic building on the old Municipal Dock will supply valuable meeting space for researchers as well as an exhibition area for educating the public about critical water issues.

The creation of a modern new facility like The Water Campus in this location will be a catalyst for redeveloping Old South Baton Rouge, three square miles of neighborhoods between LSU and downtown. This area has been in decline for decades as residents left for the suburbs and other cities, but it’s situated in the sweet spot between the parish’s two biggest employment centers – LSU and the downtown business district.

More importantly, The Water Campus will define Baton Rouge as the region’s leading research center and spur on the development of Louisiana’s workforce and economy.

  • Diversification of the regional economy;
  • Attract innovation-based industry that creates higher-skill, higher-wage jobs;
  • Provide high-paying, knowledge-based jobs to recruit and retain young, knowledgeable workers to the region;
  • Enhance traditional industry to expand the regional economy and foster innovation, entrepreneurship and regional collaboration;
  • Promote information-sharing, collaboration, and best practices among higher educational institutions and leaders; cultivate scientific and technological development/exploration centers.